The Company

Founded in 2002, we are an accounting firm in São Bernardo, with over 15 years in the market, we combine perseverance, dedication and experience, with professionals trained to react immediately to the constant changes in Brazilian legislation.

The Samá accounting office is an accounting reference at ABC, offering, in addition to the tax, accounting, personnel and legalization departments, full assistance in communication and technology. An accounting firm tuned to the legal changes that occur in the laws of the country that end up directly influencing the taxes paid by companies.

We also provide legal solutions for tax reduction with an efficient administration of the tax burden of your business and an improved and agile advice for decision making.

Samá is an accounting firm in São Bernardo, but it provides services to all of São Paulo, always seeking excellence in our service and safety for our customers, characterized by adapting to the needs of each company.

As an accounting office, we provide safe advice, closely monitoring inspections, whether at federal, state, municipal or labor levels, keeping the client always informed about the progress of the processes.

To further improve our accounting services, we have incorporated systems of constant improvement, providing even greater agility and security in the information transmitted.

It will be a pleasure to receive your visit to have a coffee and get to know our structure and everything we can offer for you and your company.